Tips to boost brain power

It is important that all 10 tips are followed and the appropriate instructions are carried out, because only then can the brain performance be improved. Based on the following 10 tips, every student, student and professional can improve their brain performance. Even for everyday life, which demands a lot from each of us, a keen mind is of great advantage. Here, too, it is worthwhile to train the brain in order to gradually increase the brain power.

Drink a lot!

Modern man tends to neglect to drink and that is exactly what is wrong! Daily consumption of at least 2 liters is recommended to improve brain function. In addition one should put special value on high-quality liquids. Juice spritzers, unsweetened teas and water are ideal here.

Take notes

Many forget important information immediately, because they have recorded only briefly. It is best to note down important information in key words. So you can afterwards forget nothing and understand what it was about. In addition, you should decide what you want to “burden” your brain. Often it helps to outsource unnecessary information in the form of notes. So you do not have to deal with it anymore and can improve your brain performance.

Positive attitude preserve

Who moves towards its set tasks with a positive attitude, is guaranteed better come up with coping with the tasks rightly, as one who is negative on the matter approach. Try to set realistic goals and celebrate small achievements every day by achieving your goals. By doing so, you develop a more positive attitude to your cognitive challenges from day to day and, incidentally, improve your brain’s performance.

A combination of the above points brings you and your brain’s performance at full speed! Build these tips into your everyday life and stand out from your colleagues. You also want to have an unfair advantage over others in the future? Then subscribe to our newsletter for more tips and hacks!

Hemorrhoids: causes, symptoms and treatment

To have teat or hemorrhoids is a nasty condition. The condition occurs on the sphincter, which also makes it uncomfortable. Hemorrhoids occur at the end of the rectum and the beginning of the sphincter. If the spongy networks (pads) of blood vessels – covered with mucous membranes – begin to sag, haemorrhoids form. Externally hanging cushions are also known as external hemorrhoids. The condition can occur in both men and women. In general, hemorrhoids do not cause pain. External hemorrhoids can give a gag feeling. As the main cause of hemorrhoids, scientists think of a too low-fiber diet.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids do not cause pain. The pain will only occur if the blood supply is pinched, causing a kind of blood clot to form in the hemorrhoid. These symptoms can cause a sharp pain. External hemorrhoids give a prop feeling. One of the most frequent complaints is the bleeding of the hemorrhoids. The blood loss is very limited and not at all serious. In addition, intestinal mucus or loose stools can “leak” out of the sphincter. These symptoms cause a burning sensation. Hemorrhoids that seem to come out with the stool give a feeling of pressure when going to the toilet.


Science is not really far with the research into this unpleasant condition. One indicates as a main cause a too low fiber diet. Due to insufficient absorption of fibers, the stool becomes harder, which means that it has to be pressed very hard during the bowel movement. The pressing causes a large load of the so-called pads, with sagging or swelling as a result. In addition, it is not advisable to sit a lot, to exercise too little or to keep stools on a regular basis. Teat is also associated with pregnancy and in some cases is hereditary.

How can you prevent hemorrhoids yourself?

There are a few ways to prevent preventive hemorrhoids yourself. This can be done very easily by observing some health habits.

Avoid constipation

Eating enough dietary fiber is very important to prevent bowel movements. Healthy plant fibers can be found in dark brown bread, vegetables and fruit. You also do well to drink at least one and a half liters of water per day. Exercise and a healthy weight are of course plus points.

Good toilet habits

If you have to go to the toilet, you should not postpone this. When delayed the stool remains in the intestine, with the result that the stool is more difficult to squeeze out. It is important to relax the anus muscle during a visit to the toilet. Turn your toilet visit into a fun activity. If necessary, take a book on the toilet so that you can take your time.

The treatment of teat or hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids do not cause problems in most cases, at least if you are on time to treat them. The condition “hemorrhoids” still has a big taboo, although that is absolutely not necessary. Because of this taboo, treatment is used too late in many people. There are three ways to treat hemorrhoids. You can treat them yourself, have them treated by a doctor or have the hemorrhoids removed.

Treat yourself

Self treatment is often the first solution that people choose, because of the taboo. Certain gels and creams – which you can purchase at the drug store – can support and accelerate the healing process.

Treatment by a doctor

If the first method does not help or not enough, then it is time to consult a doctor. Symptoms to visit a doctor are a fierce pain around the anus, fever or blood in the stool. In these more severe symptoms, the doctor may then prescribe an ointment against hemorrhoids or suppositories.

Remove hemorrhoids

If the previous two treatments do not work, the doctor may decide to remove the hemorrhoids. In the case of bleeding hemorrhoids, an injection will be given as a result of which the hemorrhoids will “scarify”. This is called “sclerosing” in a technical term. Another way is to remove the hemorrhoids by tying them with rubber bands, so that the hemorrhoids shrivel. If the hemorrhoids are really too big or too bulky, they are removed by surgery.

Hemorrhoids and pregnancy

Pregnant women can suffer from hemorrhoids. Scientists have shown that there is a link between pregnancy and hemorrhoids. These can sit along the outside and inside of the anus. However, they disappear automatically after delivery. Any complaints can be relieved by eating a lot of fiber and drinking a lot of water. In this way, the stool remains soft and you must at least press. If this does not help, you can look out for a hemorrhoid ointment.

Antioxidants in food: protection against free radicals

Antioxidants play a very important role in the human body, because they counteract the negative influence of so-called free radicals. The interaction between these two substances occurs during the process of oxidation. When there is an equilibrium between antioxidants and free radicals in this oxidation process, there is no danger to health. However, when free radicals have the upper hand on the antioxidants, the balance between these two substances is disrupted and oxidative stress is called. In that case, the chance of illness and health problems is greater. A healthy way of life can help limit the number of free radicals, with an emphasis on healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. In addition, antioxidants can also be found in herbs, chocolate, rye bread and tea.

What is oxidation?

Oxidation literally means: connecting with oxygen . Oxidation is a chemical process in which oxygen acts on objects and substances, which causes them to get damaged and gradually decay. An example of this is rust, which causes damage to iron over time. The browning and decaying of an open-cut fruit is also an example of oxidation. To protect food from spoilage, antioxidants are added. These antioxidants are indicated with an ‘E’ number in the list of ingredients on the label of the relevant product.


But an oxidation process also occurs in the human body. For example, the body has to use oxygen to function, such as for example digesting food or making physical efforts. A good example of oxidation in the body is the aging of the skin. By coming into contact with oxygen, the quality of the skin will gradually decrease and you will be able to see traces of it: think of wrinkles, skin stains, sagging of the skin, etc. …

What are antioxidants?

In the above process of oxidation, antioxidants and free radicals play an important role. Free radicals is not a name of a political group, but of waste that is released during oxidation and can cause damage to the body. However, these free radicals are controlled and attacked by antioxidants. Antioxidant : as the name says, these substances work against oxidation. Antioxidants limit the damage of oxidation so that a kind of balance is created. It is only when free radicals get the upper hand that damage can occur to cells and tissues. In that case, one speaks of oxidative stressand the chance of illness and health problems is greater. However, free radicals can also have a beneficial function for the body because of the fact that they fight harmful bacteria.

How do free radicals counteract?

A healthy lifestyle is necessary to limit the number of free radicals in the body so that there is less chance of health problems. For example, the number of free radicals is higher when you smoke or when you expose your body to sunlight for a long time. The use of alcohol also increases the amount of free radicals in the body. By limiting your alcohol consumption, not smoking and not overdoing with sunbathing, you can help your body to ensure a balance between free radicals and antioxidants.

Antioxidants in food

The function of antioxidants is thus to attack free radicals, which is in fact a normal biological process. You can support the antioxidants in their action by taking more nutrition that contains antioxidants. Antioxidants are mainly found in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, manganese, beta-carotene and selenium. If you want to eat foods that contain a lot of antioxidants to help your body fight free radicals, you can choose from vegetables, fruit, grains, herbs and other foods. The list below is not exhaustive but gives you a good overview of foods that are rich in antioxidants.

Supplements with antioxidants

In principle, your body has sufficient antioxidants if you eat healthy and balanced, with a particular emphasis on fruit and vegetables. If you have a hard time keeping a balanced diet and do not think you are taking enough antioxidants from food, you can take extra supplements. In some cases, the intake of antioxidant supplements can help support the body in its fight against free radicals. Supplements with antioxidants are, however, subject to criticism and controversy in 2018 because the positive effect on health has never been demonstrated scientifically and consistently.


In case of a too high intake of these supplements, an opposite effect can occur and damage to health can occur. It is therefore wrong to think that a high intake of supplements with antioxidants can protect you against diseases such as cancer, or that you can live longer. An appropriate expression here is: “excess harms”. In any case, it is advised to first seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist before you start taking supplements containing antioxidants.

How to grow a beard in a short time?

The mode of vegetation on the face is constantly changing, but here comes the stage where wearing a beard becomes a sign of beauty again. The problem is that it is not so easy to do, you have to be patient, use care products and follow some recommendations on how to grow a beard.

To begin with growing hair on the face follows after puberty, when the boy physiologically becomes a man. Growing a beard in the pubertal period is almost impossible, the body is simply not ready for it. It is strongly advised not to apply additional funds, medications, tablets or hormones for stimulation. The result will still be bad, the hairs will grow unevenly. Reaching the result quickly, does not work, lets a beard grow – a slow process that takes time, patience and a clear desire.

Before you grow a beard, you must ensure that you get the chance to get a dense overgrowth on the face. Adjust the shaver 1-2 weeks and look at the hair growth, or there are bare spots, “empty” areas. If they are present, you should consult an expert in the hairdresser, perhaps you should leave the idea. In some cases better growth can be achieved with the help of special gels, lotions, oils, shampoos.

The hairs will protrude in all directions, the owner will look somewhat frenzied and impetuous. There is itching on the skin, but it will be about 1-2 weeks. At this stage you should start by cutting your beard, giving it a shape, and gradually shortening the hairs on the sides. When they decided to grow a beard, you have to be patient, waiting for the times when you want to give up everything.

This can already be called a full beard, which will become the object of your pride. Note that the facial hair must be cared for even more carefully than on the head, they must be washed and combed daily. To improve the species, use special oils, waxes or lotions. Cut your beard and mustache regularly so that it was not just a hairdress but a real decoration for a man’s face.

Burdock burdock and castor oil

The appearance of your beard depends directly on how much time you spend on caring for it. There is no need to buy expensive medicines. Improving the condition of the hair on the face will help the oil to grow a beard, usually use beaver or burdock.


In this article I put some tips together, which are simple but at the same time very effective . After reading these waste tips, you have enough information to be able to apply it yourself in daily life.

Move at least 30 minutes

every day Every day exercise is a very important factor for burning fat. This does not have to be a heavy effort. Do a message on the bike or walk around a block.

Walk every 2 hours at least 5 minutes

At an office job you often sit still for long periods. Try at least every 2 hours to get up and walk around. That way, it will soon be possible to do something of exercise for at least 20 minutes per day.

Clean something thoroughly every week

A floor, window, bathroom, toilet or car. With half an hour of scrubbing you quickly burn about 120 calories.

Do something active with friends every week

Do not go to the cinema or that restaurant, but do something active. Go bowling or find a fun sport together.

Let the dog out before eating

When you take a walk before eating and are active. This will suppress your hunger and make you eat less.

Always take the stairs instead of the lift

This tip will hardly cost you time and yet you use your muscles equally well.

Set achievable goals for yourself

When you set a goal for yourself and you get it, you get a feeling of satisfaction. This makes it fun for yourself.

Reward yourself

When you reward yourself , the less fun things that are needed to lose weight are easier to sustain.

Take photos of yourself every month to see the result with your own eyes

If you look in the mirror every day, it may seem like you are not seeing results. But you do not see gradual changes from one day to the next. Therefore take a photo and a month later. This gives you a much better picture of how your posture has changed.

Do not look at the scale, but in the mirror

Most people are much too fixated on what weight the scale indicates. In the end it’s about how you think you look. A scale can not tell you that. When you try to lose weight with strength training, it is possible that you do not lose any kilos at all, but get a tighter waist. This is because muscle mass weighs more than body fat.

Make sure food is out of sight.

Put your food in the kitchen and leave the pans in the kitchen. When you have eaten your plate empty, you are less tempted to grab more food because the pans are out of sight.

Build day-to-day routines that help you lose weight

Changing your daily routines can be a lot of effort, but once you have it, you do not know better and lose weight almost automatically.

Find ways other than food that make you happy

Eating is for some people a big part of their happiness. But there are so many other things that you can be happy with. Go and plan something nice with friends, play your favorite music, browse through an old photo album, or be extra sweet to someone else.

Focus on what you can eat, instead of what you can not eat

If you constantly think of all the food that is unhealthy and fattening, it is very difficult to resist this temptation. Try to imagine how you can make something delicious with healthy food.

Do not compare yourself with others

If someone else has lost 20 kilos, it does not mean that you also have to be able to do that. Take a good look at yourself and think carefully about when you are satisfied. In addition, women generally have more difficulty with losing weight.

Find someone who wants to lose weight with you

Together with someone you always achieve more, because you can learn from each other and motivate each other.


Imagine how you feel and how you look when you have achieved the result that you have longed for. By visualizing a few minutes every day here, this will unconsciously help you make choices that will help you towards this desire.

Grow eyelashes in 10 ways

Do you want to stimulate eyelash growth? Then we have ten useful tips for you. The good news is: these tips to grow your lashes will not cost you much money. You do have to be patient. Making your eyelashes grow fuller and longer takes at least one month.

1. Use oil for longer lashes

One of the most effective and economical ways to stimulate your eyelash growth is the use of oil. There are several oils that make your eyelashes thicker and stronger and they also grow faster. Some recommendations are castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, argan oil and almond oil. Of course you can also choose a mix of different oils. Before you go to sleep, apply some of the oil with a cotton ball or cotton swab and let it work all night. Was there the next morning with some lukewarm water again.

2. Use Aloe vera

Aloe vera has many applications and one of which is stimulating eyelash growth. Apply some pure aloe vera gel to your lashes before you go to sleep. Do this with an eyelash brush or with a clean mascara brush. Apply it in the same way as mascara. The many vitamins and nutrients that are present in the aloe vera help to grow your eyelashes.

3. Vitamin E to grow your eyelashes

Vitamin E helps to make your eyelashes grow faster and make them thicker. Take a vitamin E capsule, break it open and apply it on your eyelashes and on your lash line.

4. Vaseline

Vaseline: this product has not been popular for many years. Apply some Vaseline on your lashes in the evening with a cotton swab or a clean mascara brush and clean it the next morning with a mild eye makeup cleaner. It takes a while before you see results, but the longer and thicker lashes that you get because of this are well worth it!

5. Stimulate eyelash growth with green tea

Green tea also helps stimulate eyelash growth. Boil water, leave some green tea for at least 5 minutes and let the tea cool down. Then apply it to your eyelashes with a cotton ball. The caffeine and flavonoids in the green tea help to make your existing lashes grow better and stimulate the growth of new hairs.

6. Never sleep with makeup

Wearing too much and too long make-up is not good for your eyelashes. Always remove your eye makeup before you go to sleep. That way your eyelashes get the chance to breathe.

7. Be gentle on your eyelashes

Handle your eyelashes carefully. Do not pull your eyelashes when removing your makeup and try to rub your eyes as little as possible. This also helps immediately to prevent lines and wrinkles.

8. Brush for fuller lashes

It may sound strange, but brushing your eyelashes also helps stimulate your eyelash growth. Special eyelash brushes are available for this. Brushing your eyelashes ensures that dust and dirt particles are removed. Moreover, it helps to improve blood circulation, which benefits the growth of your lashes.

9. Massage your eyelids for longer lashes

Do you want to stimulate your eyelash growth? Then massage your eyelids daily. This stimulates the hair follicles. Always proceed with caution and preferably use one of the oils from tip 1.

10. Eat healthy

If you want to stimulate your hair growth , it is important to eat healthy. Just like your head hair, your lashes also need enough vitamins, minerals, protein and good fats to grow properly. Iron is also important to keep your hair follicles healthy and to prevent your lashes from falling out.

4 feeding tips to burn chest fat

Actually, there is no miraculous recipe to get rid of the hated “man boobs” or man’s breasts. According to the online health portal, this defect can be due to different reasons, among which is overweight or a health problem such as gynecomastia, which refers to the pathological enlargement of one or both mammary glands in men . However, like everything in life, it has a solution with discipline or with different medical procedures.

To achieve a toned chest not only will it be necessary to do as many lizards as possible, but to feed yourself in a healthy way to prevent fat from accumulating in that area. Next, we share four feed tips that will help you put that area in shape:

Love the protein

To tone your chest, the first thing you will need to do is strengthen and nourish your muscle mass, which is why it is essential to consume low-fat protein. Talk to your nutritionist about a powder supplement or try to introduce white meat, fish, lentils and egg whites into your diet.

Compensate your calories

We know that it is terrible to have to read the labels of everything you eat, however, depending on the activities you do, you need to try not to exceed a certain number of calories a day. The bill does not have to be exact, but if your meal was plentiful, try to dine lightly at night.

Get away from the fried

The worst enemy of the diets is the breaded chicken, the wings, the fries and everything that is cooked in more oil than necessary. Try to bake your food or use the minimum amount of oil, which should preferably be olive or coconut. You will notice the changes.

Bye bye carbohydrates

Sugars, white bread, refined flour and everything that surely falls into the category of your favorites are some of the worst enemies of burning fat. Try replacing the flours with whole grains and sweeten your food with stevia instead of honey or sugar.

How to reduce belly fat in Men

Weight in the stomach area can be attributed to diet, hormones, genetics and a lack of exercise. Lost stomach fat follows the same principles as fat loss from other parts of the body: you need to work off more calories than you take in Drinking calories from healthy sources like lean protein, healthy fats and whole grains .. Getting involved in regular physical activity to reduce excess weight and strengthen your abdominal muscles using targeted exercises.

Eat a diet high in protein leaning. Good protein sources include legume, tofu, eggs, chicken and fish. Replace saturated fats with healthy unsaturated fats. Avoid deep-fried foods, butter and cream. Instead, eat healthy fat, including nuts, avocado and flaxseed oil. Include six to eight servings of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. These foods are not only high in vitamins and minerals, they are high in fiber.

Fiber makes you feel fuller for longer and keep your digestive system effective. Replace refined carbohydrates such as white pasta, bread and rice, with whole grains like oats, barley, brown rice, quinoa. Whole grain is nutritious and high in fiber. Exercise for at least 30 minutes five times a week. Moderate to strong physical activity will burn excess weight and increase your metabolism. Try walking, jogging, sports, aerobics classes, workout DVDs or swimming.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles with crunches. While crunches will not cause you to lose weight, they will flatten your stomach and increase muscle mass. Lay on your back with your feet planted flat and bent your knees. Put your hands behind your head and tuck your chin in your chest. Lift your upper body to your knees, hold down, then fall back to the floor. Feed up to 60 crunches each day.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes five times a week. Moderate to strong physical activity will burn excess weight and increase your metabolism. Try walking, jogging, sports, aerobics classes, workout DVDs or swimming.

Light therapy for Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis is the scientific name for a nail fungus infection. If the fungus is not treated, it can damage the nail plate and cause the nail to break away from the nail bed and the rest of the foot. The nail can also be thick and discolored. Spyker fungus occurs in 20 percent of people over the age of 40 in the US. Although treatment may consist exclusively of cleansing with antiseptics, more severe treatment is required for extensive swim infections. Unfortunately, according to, most treatments used for nail fungus show a low rate of success.

Standard Treatments

General forms of treatment for nail fungus are oral medication and current ice cream. Oral treatment can cause toxic side effects, and ice cream often reduces symptoms for just a short period of time before fungus yields. Some ice cream requires the removal of the toenail, which can be painful, unsightly and dangerous. The nail can not grow back, or it can grow back wrong. When it comes back, the fungus will probably repeat.

Ultraviolet Treatment

The use of ultraviolet light radiation to treat nail fungus has many advantages. Ultraviolet lighting can reach the area around the nail and under the nail without having to remove it. It works without or changing the nail, and it is usually painless to the patient. Not only ultraviolet light sterilizes the toenails, it also scratches the environment of infectious fungal spores. The downside is that it costs about $ 1000 per treatment.

How it works

After consultation with the doctor, an appointment will be reached for the procedure. The ultraviolet light is placed directly on the nail or nails with visible fungus, and the process lasts about 30 minutes. Most people feel no pain, according to, but some people feel a hot feeling or a stimulus. Then you can just walk out and continue your day. Most people need only one treatment, but some will need more depending on the severity of the fungus.

Healthy diet in figures

If you put these foods on your menu every day, you prove your health a great service:

Meat, meat products, fish, eggs or soya products are invaluable protein sources. A daily portion of 100g is already sufficient. Preferably eat 2 to 3 pieces of fresh fruit per day. Vegetables you can eat unlimited. Three portions of 100g is a minimum. Make sure you get at least 1.5 liters of fluid inside.

In each meal, half of the calories should come from starchy products such as potatoes, bread, rice, pastas or grains. Choose as much as possible for the wholemeal variants.

You get your daily calcium supply from three portions of milk (products) or vitamin B2 enriched soy products. A pinch of grease on the sandwich and 1 tablespoon of cooking fat for the hot meal provides sufficient essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins.

Healthy food is not a straitjacket

Cookies, candy, chips, cake, … they can be so delicious! Good news: sinning is not a disaster. Life has to remain fun and besides, every day does not have to be 100% balanced. If you have deviated from the straight path for a while, you can make up for it the next day by eating extra healthy. So you spread a balanced diet over several days.

Step by step to better health

Gradual adjustments to your diet are easier to achieve than drastic changes. Do not you eat enough portions of fruit and vegetables? Start with a daily extra portion. Do you like to eat high-fat foods such as fatty meats or heavy sauces? Do not delete them from your menu but limit the portions or choose alternatives with a lower fat content. In this way you evolve step by step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy food does not have to be expensive


To eat healthy you really do not have to carry out an attack on your wallet. To begin with, you do not need light foods, rare products or extra vitamin supplements. Fruits and vegetables can be bought cheaply in the season. Of meat or fish you only need 100g per day, so you do not have to spend a fortune on that. A self-prepared healthy meal is cheaper than ready-made meals and snacks. And to quench the thirst, there is no healthier and cheaper drink than water.

Variation is important

In a healthy and balanced diet, more than 40 different nutrients are needed. No food is able to supply all these substances. That is why it is very important that you vary a lot and eat everything in moderation. This way you will receive a whole range of nutrients without difficulty.