Why Does Not Every Man Get A Full Beard?

It is seen as the hallmark of the real man: the beard. At one point it was seen as something for the hipster, but WRM Magazine said earlier that the hipster does not exist. In any case, women love men with beards and that is even scientifically proven. Having this facial hair or ‘hair on chin and cheeks in the man’ (as the Van Dale describes a beard), certainly has advantages. Some men, however, can not grow a good beard, but WRM actually not?

Explanations for the beard

Before we start looking at the best way to grow a beard, first a warning: a male beard seems to be at least just as filthy as an average toilet. Reassuringly, the man does not have to get sick himself. The fact is that if the bacteria from the male beard end up in the water pipes of the toilet, everything would not be cleaner. Yet many men want a lot of hair on their chin and cheeks, as the ultimate expression of masculinity. Unfortunately, for some gentlemen, not everyone can manage to grow a full-fledged beard. There are two main reasons for this:

– Androgens. These fabrics determine how male you are and so how much of your face is covered with hair. The best-known representative of androgens is testosterone. The less you have of this, the less beard growth.
– Origin. You have the advantage if you have dark hair, because then you will probably get a full beard sooner. Yet there are also exceptions. Asians also have dark hair, but for them the rule of ‘dark hair, fuller beard’ does not apply.


If you currently have a blotterbill face as a man and do you want to do something about it? Apart from taking into account the aforementioned factors that make it possible to grow a beard or not, you can of course also use some tips. So you can still leave a beautiful beard or at least get something from her on your face. Say goodbye to those soft baby cheeks!


– Use minoxidil. It has never been scientifically proven, but it seems to be a panacea. It was initially used for high blood pressure, but it is claimed that minoxidil also stimulates beard growth. If you want to use this, first consult your doctor.

– There is another panacea, namely biotin, or vitamin B8. You find this in everyday food, but in this way it is again not scientifically proven that it actually helps.
– A lot of shaving / grooming, but there is also a lot of uncertainty about this. One claims that a lot of shaving ensures that hair growth is stimulated, the other says it is a myth.

The above tips are therefore not completely waterproof. There is actually only one tip that has an effect anyway and that is patience. Growing a beard takes time, so patience is a clean thing in this case. And if you have patience, hopefully you can finally say goodbye to your blotter’s face after a while. I did succeed in any case!

Breast augmentation with a fat graft

The concept of breast underdevelopment or micromastia refers to a situation in which the mammary glands get too small in their development, especially in relation to other parts of the body. This situation may be caused by insufficient, congenital breast disorder, as a consequence of excessive weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Lipomodelling – basic information

The standard treatment of breast disorders is the correction with the use of prostheses placed in the space under the breast gland or under the greater pectoral muscle. Such a treatment can sometimes be combined with a breast lift procedure along with the reduction of the gland and breast skin.

In selected cases, it is also possible to increase the breast volume using a lipoplastic treatment bearing the English name lipomodelling or lipo-augmentation . This treatment consists in transplanting fat cells to breast tissue. This technique, widely used in face correction (lipofilling) was initially used in breast reconstructive procedures in women with various types of deformities of this organ caused by surgical treatment of breast cancer.

Based on the beneficial effects of lipofilling in reconstructive surgery, the adipose tissue transplant has gradually found a wider and wider application in breast correction surgery, also for aesthetic reasons. The introduction of the term “breast lipomodelling” is not accidental, because unlike the traditional technique of fat grafts used for over 20 years, the treatment procedure includes a whole range of additional medical procedures that make this procedure safe from an oncological point of view.

It is well-known that breast lipomodelling, like other treatments in this area, causes scarring in the tissues, which in turn leads to the formation of microcalcifications (calcification). It is extremely important that the structure of microcalcification resulting from lipomodelling significantly differs from the microcalcification characteristic of the neoplastic process.

However, the distinction of the nature of microcalcifications is only possible if radiological assessment of the breast is performed by a physician experienced in this field. At the same time, using the latest techniques of distribution of transplanted adipose tissue in the mammary gland can significantly reduce the risk of fatty cysts and fatty tissue necrosis, which often arise also after other types of breast correction surgery. Visit OhMyMoobs.com for more details on male breast reduction.

The breast augmentation surgery

A breast augmentation can be achieved with lipofilling, in which body fat is injected into the breast, or by the insertion of implants. It is also possible to enlarge breasts without surgery. Below you will find extensive information about these three options.

Breast augmentation with implants

A breast augmentation operation with implants (breast prostheses) is almost always performed under complete anesthesia. To insert the implants, an incision (cut) will be made at the bottom of the breasts or in the armpit. You can also choose to make the incision around the nipple.

To achieve a fuller breast, implants will be inserted into the breast. These prostheses consist of a plastic or silicone bag filled with silicone gel, a salt-water solution or a combination of both.

In most cases, a silicone implant will be chosen because most plastic surgeons think this gives the best results.

Due to the recent problems with silicone implants , there are also women who prefer an implant with a saltwater solution.

There are two types of implants with a saltwater solution on the market, the saline implant and the hydrogel implant. The first contains a liquid filling, while with the hydrogel implant the filling is made into a gel using a thickening agent. A hydrogel implant thus approximates the look and feel of silicone implants.

Shape of the implant round and anatomical breast implants

Traditionally, round implants are used to reach fuller breasts. These implants give the breast a fuller and more rounded appearance.

For slim women or women with small breasts, round implants sometimes produce a very unnatural result. That is why more and more women opt for breast augmentation with anatomically shaped silicone implants.

Anatomical implants are less filled at the top than at the bottom and therefore provide a more natural transition at the top of the chest.

Profile of the implant

The profile of the breast implant largely determines the contour of the ‘new’ breast.

In general, a low-profile implant is chosen when a result that is as natural as possible is required.

Implants with a high profile are particularly used when a more firm and fuller chest is required.

Surface of the implant

The surface of an implant can be textured (rough) or smooth. Almost all anatomical implants have a textured surface. For round implants, the doctor can choose between a smooth and textured surface. The doctor will tell you what the best choice is in your case.

It is not always possible to choose the type of implant and the corresponding profile yourself. Your plastic surgeon will advise you which type of implant and profile will give the best results in your individual situation.

It is advisable to bring photos of your desired result when you go to consult. Show the photos to the doctor and ask the doctor how the desired result can best be achieved.

Types of textured silicone breast implants (Merk; Siltex). On the left you see round implants with different profiles and on the right anatomical implants with a low and a high profile. See also the before and after photos at the bottom of this page for results in practice.

Silicone breast implants Safe, or not?

Modern silicone implants are safer and firmer than ever. The gel currently used in the implant is a solid gel. Should the wall break, this gel will spread less quickly through the body.

According to rumors and disturbing news reports, silicone implants could lead to breast cancer, rheumatism or immune disorders. Researchers at the VUmc in December 2013 indeed found a connection between silicone implants and the prevention of health complaints such as fatigue and joint pain.

Incidentally, this does not mean that silicone implants are unsafe. The conclusions in reports from a number of media that this is the case therefore seem premature. For the time being it is a small group of women who react differently than the large majority.

If you prefer not to have silicone implants in your body, then it is best to opt for a hydrogel implant.

Natural remedies for hormonal imbalance: causes and symptoms

Hormones act as chemical messengers and carry blood to tissues and organs in the body. They work slowly but have a significant impact on most processes in the body. Hormonal imbalance arises when the chemical messengers stop working causing erratic behavior of our body systems.

Hormonal imbalance can be caused by overproduction or underproduction of certain hormones. Main hormone that causes hormonal changes estrogen. Hormonal imbalance is experienced by both men and women at different stages of their life cycle. However, women are more prone to suffer from this condition.

Imbalance of hormones can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes. A disproportionate production of the pituitary hormone can lead to growth disorders. In the same way, excessive production of growth hormone can cause health problems such as acromegaly and gigantism.

Signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance

Most of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance are gender-specific. In the case of women, irregular vaginal bleeding would be a serious indication of hormonal imbalance. Apart from it, women who lose hormonal balance also show symptoms such as extreme mood especially before the onset of menstruation, loss of appetite, anxiety and insomnia. Some hormonal imbalances in women can also indicate symptoms such as night sweats, low libido and hot flashes.

A disturbance of the hormones in men can trigger problems such as hair loss and thinning hair. However, there are many symptoms of hormonal imbalance that are common to both sexes. These symptoms are fatigue, low libido, memory loss and skin conditions.

What causes imbalance of hormones?

There are different triggers hormonal imbalance. In most cases, factors overproduction of estrogen and progesterone in the body are responsible underproduction. Other common causes that lead to this condition are the contraceptive pill, obesity, cancer and excessive use of cosmetics.

Hormonal imbalance caused by genetics is also common. Experts also report conditions such as sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise syndrome.

Environmental estrogens are considered the main cause of hormonal imbalance. Discharge of environmental estrogens can lead to estrogen dominance in both men and women. It can also lead to other health problems such as breast cancer, infertility and fibromyalgia. Estrogens from the environment can be found in medicines, detergents, certain foods and other industrialized products.

Natural remedies hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance disorder can be easily treated with the help of home remedies, balanced diet and lifestyle changes. There are a number of simple and effective home remedies that you can use to contain hormonal imbalance in its initial stages.

Including omega-3 in the diet they are known to balance growth hormone deficiency in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly useful for reducing menstrual cramps and other complications compared to menopause that lead to hormone disruption.

Maca root, an endocrine adaptogen, works wonder to promote hormones in the body. It is a concentrate of nutrients such as steroids, essential fatty acids, phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. These things are very important to restore hormone body.

In addition to this, physical activities such as swimming and exercise are also known for the production of chemicals in the brain that improve the mood and body of the hormonal balance.

Get Rid Of Dry Skin With These Simple Tips

In winter, dry skin needs to sustain the additional heavy. How can you finest take care of this? This encourages the skin doctor.

In the winter season, the harsh weather aspects and heating dry our skin a lot more than showering and cleaning typically do. And the older we get, the more we can get this. With the years, the skin makes less and less fat.

Lubricate, Lubricate and Lubricate!

Inning accordance with the dermatologist, nevertheless, we can help nature by smearing a lot. “Using a greasy movie over the skin is the way to obtain rid of dry skin,” says Ivo Nagtzaam, skin specialist at the Maastricht University Medical Center and Catharina health center in Eindhoven. “The layer of fat avoids water from evaporating from the skin, he explains in the Health Guide of the Consumers’ Association.

Skin oil ‘often not oily enough’

But not every layer of fat is similarly effective. For instance, a skin oil according to Nagtzaam is not constantly the best solution for dry skin, as we ask him the question. “Oil does certainly put a protective layer on the skin,” he states on the phone. “But skin oils not just include fat, they include multiple components. My experience is that lots of kinds of skin oil are not fat enough. So it’s a matter of searching for out whether a skin oil item is fat enough for your skin. ”

The suggestions of the skin medical professional: lotion or oily cream

The skin doctor himself encourages to lube a dry skin with a standard lotion or an oily cream. Besides a lot cheaper, these items are likewise fatter than the majority of skin oils, says Nagtzaam. However here too the advice applies to try out various types. “Examples of oily, yet well spreadable products are cooling ointment and vaseline paraffin. Less fat alternatives are cremor lanette and cremor cetomacrogol; these substances are typically blended with ten to twenty percent Vaseline. ”

Flaking skin? Attempt a cream with urea

With a dry, peeling skin, you can also try a cream or lotion with urea, Nagtzaam knows. Urea is a so-called keratolytic. Keratolytics are agents that dissolve and soften the randy layer. You likewise often encounter them in exfoliants (moderate peels) for the face. “Creams or lotions with urea also contain fat to make the skin greasy,” describes the skin medical professional.

‘ Hydrating spreads barely assist’

And exactly what about the claims of the – often more costly – body creams and other spreads that they work ‘hydrating’ and ‘hydrating’? Unfortunately, these promises are typically too good to be real, inning accordance with Nagtzaam. “Lots of items that need to work in a moisturizing way, such as body lotions, consist of a great deal of water. This just dries out the skin. You have the feeling that it rapidly withdraws, but in reality the water vaporizes immediately after application to the skin. Due to the fact that of this evaporation, the skin ends up being clothes dryer. ”

A lot of required

To prevent the skin from drying, manufacturers also happily put in fat ingredients. “However this is normally not enough to get rid of dry skin,” the skin specialist knows. “Take hand cream. That is really quickly, since we like that. However you require a lot of it and your skin does not get less dry. ”

Just ‘full-fat’ items can prevent this dehydration and make sure that your skin can keep hydrating itself. “It’s about the greasy layer that you place on the skin as a barrier,” he highlights in the Health Guide. “This safeguards against drying out. As quickly as your skin consists of enough fat, the hydration goes instantly. ”

Obviously not always better

According to Nagtzaam, natural items with eg aloe vera or marigold are not the very best solution for dry skin. “The additional added compounds may help,” says the dermatologist. “However they are of secondary importance.” And contrary to common belief, natural active ingredients can also cause allergic reactions. “You can also become allergic to plant extracts.”

Avoid dry skin

Whatever you utilize, the best thing is of course to prevent dehydration of the skin, the dermatologist advises. In other words: do not go frequently in the bath or in the shower, shower and bath as short as possible, preferably use lukewarm water and usage only soap where it is needed, such as your armpits and groin. That saves a lot of lubrication.

Tips To Get Slim In Healthy Manner

Do you want to drop weight? Consuming less is the key to weight reduction, everybody understands that. Nonetheless, healthy weight-loss is not so obvious for many individuals. These suggestions will assist you on your method to your goal weight.

Healthy weight-loss is not a waste race

A rigorous or very one-sided diet ensures rapid weight loss. Such a diet plan, however, is challenging to sustain and usually the pounds fly later on once again. You are far more most likely to reduce weight sustainably if you opt for a well balanced diet consisting of healthy products with many nutrients and couple of calories. Just consider fruits, vegetables, entire grains, nuts and seeds, lean proteins, vegetables and healthy fats from vegetable oil, avocados, nuts and fish.

Consuming a lot and slimming down

Slendering is frequently connected with ‘diet removal’. By doing this, diets quickly get an unfavorable undertone. Think of what you can contribute to your diet plan, not about what you need to eliminate. If you want to reduce weight in a healthy and well balanced method, you must consume no less than 5 to nine servings of vegetables and fruit every day. Who said that reducing weight is struggling with hunger?

Healthy and classy

By setting seasonal and regional vegetables and fruit on the menu, you resolutely go with optimum taste and a minimum of calories. Healthy spices can likewise make a world of distinction. Fancy Italian? Then use fresh basil or oregano. Do you want an oriental touch? Then use ginger, curry or coriander in your meal. You can likewise use herbs and spices in desserts and treats. A stewed fruit meal of apples and pears with cinnamon is a genuine special. And you can add mint instead of sugar to a fresh fruit salad.

Slendering, thanks to water

Cravings is often puzzled with thirst. So it can happen that you consume extra calories while you really need a glass of water. Make sure that you constantly have a bottle of water at hand. lose weightIf you do not like flat water, choose carbonated water and add some lemon juice. Tea – without sugar – is also a healthy thirst-quencher.

Dieting Sins is allowed but not regularly

Periodically sinning is not at odds with healthy weight loss, on the contrary. By giving yourself an indulging on time and with a treat, you can keep an eye on your diet plan for longer. Limit yourself to a small portion, for instance one tasty praline rather of a whole bar of chocolate. And take your time to enjoy your treat.

Healthy weight reduction with the half-trick

Mireille Guiliano, author of the bestseller ‘Why French women do not grow fat’, advises cutting products first or breaking them before you start consuming. If you’re midway, you need to ask yourself “Do I still feel starving?” That way you eat more consciously and do not eat too much rapidly, and you also think more often “Why do I consume this? Due to the fact that it’s in front of me or due to the fact that I’m hungry? “