How to grow a beard in a short time?

The mode of vegetation on the face is constantly changing, but here comes the stage where wearing a beard becomes a sign of beauty again. The problem is that it is not so easy to do, you have to be patient, use care products and follow some recommendations on how to grow a beard.

To begin with growing hair on the face follows after puberty, when the boy physiologically becomes a man. Growing a beard in the pubertal period is almost impossible, the body is simply not ready for it. It is strongly advised not to apply additional funds, medications, tablets or hormones for stimulation. The result will still be bad, the hairs will grow unevenly. Reaching the result quickly, does not work, lets a beard grow – a slow process that takes time, patience and a clear desire.

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Before you grow a beard, you must ensure that you get the chance to get a dense overgrowth on the face. Adjust the shaver 1-2 weeks and look at the hair growth, or there are bare spots, “empty” areas. If they are present, you should consult an expert in the hairdresser, perhaps you should leave the idea. In some cases better growth can be achieved with the help of special gels, lotions, oils, shampoos.

The hairs will protrude in all directions, the owner will look somewhat frenzied and impetuous. There is itching on the skin, but it will be about 1-2 weeks. At this stage you should start by cutting your beard, giving it a shape, and gradually shortening the hairs on the sides. When they decided to grow a beard, you have to be patient, waiting for the times when you want to give up everything.

This can already be called a full beard, which will become the object of your pride. Note that the facial hair must be cared for even more carefully than on the head, they must be washed and combed daily. To improve the species, use special oils, waxes or lotions. Cut your beard and mustache regularly so that it was not just a hair dress but a real decoration for a man’s face.

Burdock burdock and castor oil

The appearance of your beard depends directly on how much time you spend on caring for it. There is no need to buy expensive medicines. Improving the condition of the hair on the face will help the oil to grow a beard, usually use beaver or burdock.