Hemorrhoids: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

To have teat or hemorrhoids is a nasty condition. The condition occurs on the sphincter, which also makes it uncomfortable. Hemorrhoids occur at the end of the rectum and the beginning of the sphincter. If the spongy networks (pads) of blood vessels – covered with mucous membranes – begin to sag, haemorrhoids form. Externally hanging cushions are also known as external hemorrhoids. The condition can occur in both men and women. In general, hemorrhoids do not cause pain. how to remove external hemorrhoids at home External hemorrhoids can give a gag feeling. As the main cause of hemorrhoids, scientists think of a too low-fiber diet.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids do not cause pain. The pain will only occur if the blood supply is pinched, causing a kind of blood clot to form in the hemorrhoid. These symptoms can cause a sharp pain. External hemorrhoids give a prop feeling. One of the most frequent complaints is the bleeding of the hemorrhoids. The blood loss is very limited and not at all serious. In addition, intestinal mucus or loose stools can “leak” out of the sphincter. These symptoms cause a burning sensation. Hemorrhoids that seem to come out with the stool give a feeling of pressure when going to the toilet.


Science is not really far with the research into this unpleasant condition. One indicates as a main cause a too low fiber diet. Due to insufficient absorption of fibers, the stool becomes harder, which means that it has to be pressed very hard during the bowel movement. The pressing causes a large load of the so-called pads, with sagging or swelling as a result. In addition, it is not advisable to sit a lot, to exercise too little or to keep stools on a regular basis. Teat is also associated with pregnancy and in some cases is hereditary.

How can you Prevent Hemorrhoids Yourself?

There are a few ways to prevent preventive hemorrhoids yourself. This can be done very easily by observing some health habits.

Avoid constipation

Eating enough dietary fiber is very important to prevent bowel movements. Healthy plant fibers can be found in dark brown bread, vegetables and fruit. You also do well to drink at least one and a half liters of water per day. Exercise and a healthy weight are of course plus points.

Good toilet habits

If you have to go to the toilet, you should not postpone this. When delayed the stool remains in the intestine, with the result that the stool is more difficult to squeeze out. It is important to relax the anus muscle during a visit to the toilet. Turn your toilet visit into a fun activity. If necessary, take a book on the toilet so that you can take your time.

The treatment of teat or hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids do not cause problems in most cases, at least if you are on time to treat them. The condition “hemorrhoids” still has a big taboo, although that is absolutely not necessary. Because of this taboo, treatment is used too late in many people. There are three ways to treat hemorrhoids. You can treat them yourself, have them treated by a doctor or have the hemorrhoids removed.

Treat yourself

Self treatment is often the first solution that people choose, because of the taboo. Certain gels and creams – which you can purchase at the drug store – can support and accelerate the healing process.

Treatment by a doctor

If the first method does not help or not enough, then it is time to consult a doctor. Symptoms to visit a doctor are a fierce pain around the anus, fever or blood in the stool. In these more severe symptoms, the doctor may then prescribe an ointment against hemorrhoids or suppositories.

Remove hemorrhoids

If the previous two treatments do not work, the doctor may decide to remove the hemorrhoids. In the case of bleeding hemorrhoids, an injection will be given as a result of which the hemorrhoids will “scarify”. This is called “sclerosing” in a technical term. Another way is to remove the hemorrhoids by tying them with rubber bands, so that the hemorrhoids shrivel. If the hemorrhoids are really too big or too bulky, they are removed by surgery.

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

Pregnant women can suffer from hemorrhoids. Scientists have shown that there is a link between pregnancy and hemorrhoids. These can sit along the outside and inside of the anus. However, they disappear automatically after delivery. Any complaints can be relieved by eating a lot of fiber and drinking a lot of water. In this way, the stool remains soft and you must at least press. If this does not help, you can look out for a hemorrhoid ointment.

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