7 Tips To Improve Your Brain!

It is fascinating to see that the brain is malleable (plastic). Simple adjustments in your daily life can already have a major influence on the gray matter in your head and therefore also the quality of life. Below you can find 7 interesting brain-specific facts and tips that you can use immediately.

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation

A lack of sleep is not good for you, everyone knows that, even though many people realize that they are chronically deficient. Fortunately, a 30 minute nap can neutralize the hormonal effects of too little sleep associated with stress and the immune system.

To sit

Sitting is the new smoking, you’ve probably heard that before in the last year. Sitting too much is associated with a variety of physical problems that you would rather not have. But do you also know that sitting too much also affects your mental health? If you sit for more than 6 hours a day, symptoms of anxiety and depression are more present than if you only sit for 3 hours a day.



Meditation not only gives a feeling of peace and physical relaxation! An 8-week program has also been shown to have cognitive and psychological benefits. Not too long ago it was first established that meditation can bring about major positive changes in brain structure. For example, the density of the cerebral cortex, hippocampus and amygdala increased. This is associated with attention, emotional integration, self-awareness, compassion and introspection. And this with just 30 minutes of practice per day!


As essential precursors to serotonin, L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP are widely used to promote production. Vitamin D3 appears to be essential for the conversion. The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA influence serotonin dynamics in the brain in different ways. Serotonin seems to be the missing link that connects vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids. So don’t forget to sit in the sun regularly and enjoy a good piece of wild fish in the summer.


About 3 million years ago, the brains of our ancestors started to grow enormously. By the time Homo sapiens emerged, the brain had grown from 350 grams to 1300 grams. Exactly how this happened was unclear for a long time, but the “expensive tissue hypothesis” seems to be a logical explanation for this and is based on a trade-off between the shrinking of the digestive system and the growth of the brain. Cooking food seems to have been crucial in this. Cooked food is softer and easier to digest than raw food.


Coffee is a very complex drink that is perhaps the most widely used nootropic in the world. In addition to caffeine, it contains hundreds or thousands of active substances that it would be impossible to isolate and study. The health effects of coffee cannot be linked to a few molecules, but it is precisely the synergistic whole that makes coffee so fascinating. Coffee drinkers are also often smokers and this makes researching the effects of coffee on health very difficult. More is not always better, so you drink coffee in moderation.


EEG alpha waves are usually linked to creative ability, but creativity seems to diminish with age. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) from green tea appears to increase alpha, beta, and theta activity in the brain. Since it also stimulates the alpha waves, drinking green tea could just be stimulating creativity.

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6 Reasons To Meditate More

What is meditation for something, where does it come from and how do you do? I see it as a freshness sign when someone wants to know more about meditation. Most of the time, it is because you are spiritually interested or want to try if it can give some health benefits.

Meditation is a fairly broad concept that can involve several different things. All forms of meditation are not the same – although both are described as meditation.


This is a quick and easy introduction to what meditation is. With a small step into the world of harmony and well-being, we list 6 reasons to begin meditation.

What does meditation mean?

Meditating is a most spiritual experience. It’s an inner space people go to find harmony, understanding and experience. You look inward to make sense and acceptance. You become one with life and yourself.

Meditation is when you put all focus and concentration on a thought, activity or object. You usually end up in a state that is seen as self-hypnosis, where calm is revealed and the external influence is as outstretched. Meditation is an effective way to reduce stress.

The word meditation can have several different meanings and translations, depending on which spiritual branch or country that uses the word. Some mean that meditation means “reflection”, others say it means “the act of giving all your attention to one thing” or “moving towards the middle”.

It is debated both the word meditation and the act itself, as practice and opinion may differ between practitioners. And maybe it’s best so. Human, inner and universe is a living organism that is constantly in motion – and meditation can act as a metaphor and reflection of reality. You can meditate both sedentary and in motion.

How do you meditate

When you meditate, you go into yourself, you become one with yourself and the present. How to achieve that mood is up to you and you are free to do what you want to find inner peace and understanding.

Some people pray to God, others practice yoga. Some meditate by sitting still and repeating a mantra – other people see it as meditating to jog in the woods.

There are many different types of systems and rituals in Buddhism and Hinduism in order to meditate. There are exercises and rituals that have helped very many people come closer to themselves. Recently, the two philosophical teachings have spread to the western world, and there are currently trainings in Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation, in principle everywhere.

What is meditation good for

Westerners often use meditation as a way to reduce stress, anxiety and to feel calm. With modern society, many people mean that we have lost contact with spiritual life and are losing ourselves in materialism and superficiality.

Do you consider starting meditating? There are many reasons to do that. Here are a couple of them.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Meditation is about finding peace, peace and harmony. To relax and get away from the problem of life and habits of mortal life. Meditating can be a good cure for better managing stress and anxiety that comes with your everyday life.

Improves concentration

Meditation is usually about “centering yourself”, focusing all the focus on one and the same. Whether it is to touch the body properly, breathe deeply and methodically or repeat a certain mantra. You forget about the outside world’s requirements and problems and instead focus all focus on complete and uncompromising concentration. Just like anything else: if you’re training something enough, you’ll be better off at the time.

Increased self-awareness and security
When you turn off all external influences: music, conversations, images and all other information that flows into the brain – you will get closer to yourself.

Many people are afraid to be locked into a room and be alone. You are afraid to be yourself with your own thoughts, it’s my own. It is common for people who started meditating that they are now more secure in themselves. They are no longer afraid to be alone. You have finally got to know yourself.

Increased Joy

Meditation is seen as a natural cure for anxiety, stress and depression. When you meditate, you end up in a calm and harmonious state. The physical and mental ends in a place of calm and acceptance. Blood circulation can be improved and oxygen uptake as well – and they both stand in direct correlation with your psyche. It’s hard to have an angry body and a slippery head and vice versa.

When meditating, you take care of body, mind and mind. It’s a cleansing experience that can be a good remedy for those who are sad and depressed.


There is no doubt that meditation is good for health and well-being. Meditation is a very broad concept that includes very many different types of performance. There is something for everyone, since the possibilities are almost infinite.

I strongly recommend every person to try out meditation. It’s a perfect way to not only live healthier and take a break from everyday stress, but also to get in touch with yourself. Your inner self. It can be a really exciting experience!

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Tips to boost brain power

It is important that all 10 tips are followed and the appropriate instructions are carried out, because only then can the brain performance be improved. Based on the following 10 tips, every student, student and professional can improve their brain performance. Even for everyday life, which demands a lot from each of us, a keen mind is of great advantage. Here, too, it is worthwhile to train the brain in order to gradually increase the brain power.

Drink a lot!

Modern man tends to neglect to drink and that is exactly what is wrong! Daily consumption of at least 2 liters is recommended to improve brain function. In addition one should put special value on high-quality liquids. Juice spritzers, unsweetened teas and water are ideal here.

Take notes

Many forget important information immediately, because they have recorded only briefly. It is best to note down important information in key words. So you can afterwards forget nothing and understand what it was about. In addition, you should decide what you want to “burden” your brain. Often it helps to outsource unnecessary information in the form of notes. So you do not have to deal with it anymore and can improve your brain performance.

Positive attitude preserve

Who moves towards its set tasks with a positive attitude, is guaranteed better come up with coping with the tasks rightly, as one who is negative on the matter approach. Try to set realistic goals and celebrate small achievements every day by achieving your goals. By doing so, you develop a more positive attitude to your cognitive challenges from day to day and, incidentally, improve your brain’s performance.

A combination of the above points brings you and your brain’s performance at full speed! Build these tips into your everyday life and stand out from your colleagues. You also want to have an unfair advantage over others in the future? Then subscribe to our newsletter for more tips and hacks!

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